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Every script used on this site is served locally (not through a third-party CDN) and has a free and open source license. Below you'll find a table listing each script, its license, and a link to its unminified source code.

Note: the Expat license is often called the "MIT License."

Script License Source Code By Me
ant.js Expat ant.js
aoc-puzzle.js Expat aoc-puzzle.ts
basic-sphere.js Expat
checkers.js Expat checkers.js
DoublyLinkedList.js Expat DoublyLinkedList.js
dice.js Expat dice.js
fadein.js Expat fadein.js
hong-kong.js Expat hong-kong.js
init-particles.js Expat init-particles.js
jotto.js Expat jotto-src.tar.gz
jquery-3.3.1.min.js Expat jquery-3.3.1.js
jquery-ui.min.js Expat jquery-ui.js
klotski.js Expat klotski.js
leaflet.js Modified-BSD Leaflet-1.9.4.tar.gz
match.js Expat match.js
minesweeper.js Expat minesweeper.js
mountain-map.js Expat mountain-map.js
particles.min.js Expat particles.js
project-shapes.js Expat project-shapes.js
rps.js Expat rps.js
seen.min.js Apache-2.0-only seen.js
sliding-tetris.js Expat sliding-tetris.js
snake.js Expat snake.js
tic-tac-toe.js Expat tic-tac-toe.ts
type.js Expat type.js
type-dict.js Expat type-dict.js
visited-demo.js Expat visited-demo.js
wiggly-sphere.js Expat